3 Health Benefits of the Drinking Post Automatic Waterer


Drinking Post Waterer

  • 1) Uninhibited Water Intake

    Nothing is more important to the health of your horse than clean water. This is why it's critical your horse drinks what it needs. The Drinking Post Waterer provides easy access to fresh, clean drinking water all year round, which increases water intake.

  • 2) No Standing Water

    The Drinking Post Waterer uses a very simple and effective design that ensures no standing water. The waterer is three feet off the ground and there is no standing water when it's not in use.

  • 3) No Risks That Come With Electric Waterers

    The Drinking Post Waterer is a non-electric solution. This means there's no risk of losing water due to a power outage, no risk of electric shock, and no risk of fire.