3 Reasons to Choose Drinking Post as Your Automatic Horse Waterer

A horse and rider in a western style equestrian cutting competition

Drinking Post

  • 1) Fresh, Clean Drinking Water All Year Round
    Drinking Post Waters offer a sanitary drinking environment that other waterers don't. No more standing water, with Drinking Post each drink is fresh, clean water that drains after every use.

  • 2) Drinking Post Is a Non-Electric Waterer
    The unique design allows for temperature-controlled water without the use of electricity. There's no standing water above the frost line which means you don't need insulation or concrete pads for frost-free water.

  • 3) No Minimum Head Count to Keep Drinking Post Functional
    Drinking Post's automatic horse waterer can service both small and large herds. There's no risk of water freezing unlike many automatic horse waterers that need a minimum head count to keep it operational.