Honestly, This Is The Real Last Blog Post

Apr 05, 2018


I lied earlier. I did not know I would need more than five blog posts to make sure everything was working properly. I am older and wiser now. This is the end of the blog. 


I Have To Add More Blog Posts

Apr 05, 2018
I have to add more blog posts if I want to test the pagination function for this page. It is a drag, but I need to make sure it all works. That is why these words are here. For no other reason. They have a specific purpose, and that purpose is sure as hell not to be read so get the heck out of here and enjoy your day. You've already wasted so much time...

Lone Blog Post

Apr 05, 2018
This blog post is the only one that has the tag 'alone' so it will appear all alone when you select the alone tag. It is up to you whether or not you make this page lonely. Don't be a jerk, or do. It really isn't up to me.

The Last Blog Post

Apr 05, 2018

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Another Blog Post

Apr 05, 2018
Buy stuff. Support capitalism. Please,..